Excellent cost of ownership

As the world’s smallest diesel outboard engine with common rail fuel injection, the Dtorque provides impressive performance while maintaining a best-in-class fuel economy.

At full throttle, it typically uses under 12 litres of fuel per hour. This equates to around half the average consumption of most 70 hp four-stroke gasoline outboards delivering a similar performance. As a result, the Dtorque requires less refueling stops, maximizing the number of working hours, and reducing the overall operation costs.

The expected lifespan of the Dtorque is more than double that of any comparable gasoline outboard engine and allows for extended service intervals.

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Is the Dtorque right for you?

At YANMAR, we understand that you should consider many different criteria when investing in an outboard motor. However, when you’ve got a serious job to do, you need the reliability of a diesel engine.

The Dtorque is the ideal choice if you operate or manage:

  • work boats
  • safety/rescue boats
  • fishing boats
  • governmental and port authority vessels
  • passenger boats
  • superyacht tenders

Increased Safety

Diesel is less flammable than gasoline, and so the Dtorque is the safer choice for potentially hazardous environments, such as in the oil and gas industry.

Superyacht and cruise ship operators, for example, will also benefit from the time and cost savings associated with having fewer fire safety precautions and regulations.

In addition, there is only one type of fuel to manage, which is more widely available in ports all over the world. The Dtorque also exceeds EU RDC Stage II emissions regulations, however, is not yet EPA compliant.