Motor Common Rail serie 6LF


485 mhp
356 kW
3000 rpm


530 mhp
390 kW
3000 rpm



550 mhp
404 kW
3000 rpm

Suitable for large superyachts, planing and semi-planing motor yachts up to 55 feet and light commercial craft
High power, low weight and compact installation creating a high power density of 82 mhp / L for the 550 mhp model
Controlled by the YANMAR VC20 boat control system
Complements the larger range of light-duty commercial and recreational common rail diesel engines
Exceeds EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Stage 2 emissions regulations.


The 6LF engine is a compact and powerful common rail diesel engine, perfect for both recreational and light commercial planing and semi-planing boats. Controlled by the YANMAR VC20 system, it expands the YANMAR brand line-up with increased power, providing the largest electronically managed marine common rail diesel line-up in the industry.


The YANMAR 6LF meets EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Stage 2 emissions regulations, while providing a wide range of fuel compatibility to meet the requirements of various government service applications.
The 6LF has been customised with YANMAR‘s patented fuel mapping and a larger mixing elbow for reliable and consistent output performance. It is custom designed to offer direct connectivity to NMEA and J1939 CAN bus networks. It comes available with a range of standard and optional features, including single and dual pole installation, multiple ZF gears and customised secondary alternator options to suit almost any complex application. 


  • Available in 3 output models: 485, 530, 550 mhp

  • A proven solution for jet and shaft drives
    Electronically controlled by YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control System, for 4 engines with up to 3 stations

  • Customised YANMAR fuel mapping and elbow and mixture support for reliable performance output

  • Customised YANMAR gearbox configuration to reduce vibration and increase efficiency
    Custom engine packaging for efficient installation
    Certified for light commercial and recreational applications*.


    * Please note that the 6LF550 does not have EPA commercial certification.


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