Propulsion control system


As the leader in marine propulsion, Cummins is proud to introduce Zeus, the world’s most advanced marine control system. With 15 years of research and testing, the Zeus Pod transmission provides a new level of performance, fuel economy, protection and vessel control. With the implementation of SmartCraft, the Zeus control system takes a step forward in propulsion technology, marine electronics and on-board control information, providing safer and more enjoyable boating than ever before.
The Zeus control system offers great control at high speeds and delivers:
30% improvement in fuel economy
15% faster at cruising speed
15% faster at top speed
Zeus control pendant via CAN line
A practical, easy-to-use command pad that offers a wide range of navigation actions at the touch of a button.
Joystick Control System “
Ergonomic joystick design for comfort and ease of use, giving you greater safety and intuitive control.
Experience worry-free docking with the first fully intuitive navigation system.
The benefits of the standard SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) system are smooth shifting, immediate throttle response, and world-class digital controls and clocking.
The best in boating information technology is now available on Mercury Diesel engines with inboard, inboard-outboard and pod propulsion systems. By integrating and constantly monitoring information, the SmartCraft clock and control system ensures you can maximise all aspects of your boat’s performance. Readings such as range, fuel consumption, maintenance alerts and engine temperature are all at your fingertips through the advanced SmartCraft system.


At Cummins, our goal is to make life on board your vessel simpler and more enjoyable. We do this by developing innovative, highly reliable engines with superior electronic controls, such as our Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS).
Zeus is available on Cummins enginesQSB 5.9-380 • QSB 6.7-380 • QSB 5.9-425 • QSB 6.7-425 • QSB 5.9-480 • QSB 6.7-480 • QSC 8.3-500 • QSC 8.3-550 • QSC 8.3-600 • QSM 11-670 • QSM 11-715

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