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Alpha One

It is the most popular transmission in the world, for both single and twin installations, for gasoline engines up to 300 hp and 57 knots top speed.

The Mercury MerCruiser Alpha® One transmission has earned the title “the world’s most popular transmission” because it delivers reliable performance at a very economical price. Reliable performance means more family fun year after year without missing a beat. The Alpha® One transmission cuts through the water with an efficient hydrodynamic profile producing very little drag. And because of its various maintenance-free features, you’ll enjoy a worry-free ownership experience.


Bravo One X/ Bravo One XR

Great performance starts with the heart – bravo! For single, twin or gasoline engine installations up to 600 hp and 87 knots top speed.

The Mercury MerCruiser Bravo One® transmission provides superior performance and best-in-class shifting. The unique lower torpedo design and dual water intakes allow for blistering speeds, with exceptional grip at both high and low speeds. A trim angle limiter allows for maximum performance at all times, while the built-in grease nipple coupling allows for quick and easy maintenance without the need to disassemble the transmission.


Bravo Two X®

Tames the largest vessels with authority. For twin petrol engine installations up to 450 hp and 49 knots top speed.

The unique Mercury MerCruiser Bravo Two® transmission has the ability to maximise boat thrust without revving the environment. Thanks to the size of the torpedo, the Bravo Two® allows the installation of larger diameter propellers up to 20” with a high reduction ratio. This allows the Bravo Two® to provide high thrust, fast planing and improved fuel consumption. Conveniently marked areas for easy maintenance without taking the boat out of the water.


Bravo Three X®/ Bravo Three XR

Efficient. Manageable. Unbeatable. For single or twin petrol engine installations, up to 525 hp and 57 knots top speed.

The twin counter-rotating propeller says it all. In either single or twin installation, the Bravo Three® is an efficient transmission, with probably the best-in-class shifting system and counter-rotating propeller design, allowing agile reverse control for precise manoeuvring. The transom bearing with grease nipple is designed to offer easy maintenance that can be done without removing the transmission from the water. The Mercury MerCruiser Bravo Three X® drive transmission, standard on the big block 8.2L engines, is a heavy-duty transmission with great performance attributes.