Cummins Onan generator sets are backed by the industry’s largest and best-trained network of certified global distributors/dealers. This means that wherever you travel, you can rest assured that a Cummins Onan distributor/dealer is close by.


Cummins Onan is the world leader in marine power generation thanks to a highly advanced design and development process second to none. Cummins Onan’s complete line of marine generators from 4-99 kW.


But it’s not just state-of-the-art engineering, Cummins Onan generators provide the calm and quietness needed to keep onboard power generation from ruining your voyage.

Our precision engineering and high quality mechanical integrity sets us apart, so you can enjoy your voyage.

Berto Talleres Navales has been part of the official CUMMINS service network since 2008 and its service area covers Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

Cummins Onan Marine Power Ratings


ModelkW Power
50 Hz
kVA Power
50 Hz
Sice (mm)Weight (kg)
MDKBH44662 x 511 x 524166
MDKBJ66664 x 583 x 535195
MDKDK**77823 x 479 x 560238
MDKDL77911 x 566 x 593272
MDKBW88664 x 583 x 535195
MDKDM9,59,51033 x 566 x 593315
MDKDN11111033 x 566 x 593315
MDKDP13,516,91127 x 602 x 6984084
MDKDR17,521,91127 x 602 x 698422
MDKDV1923,81127 x 602 x 698422
MDKDT22,528,11358 x 622 x 761601
MDKDU27401358 x 622 x 761626
MDDCK35351738 x 840 x 10391090
MDDCF40501738 x 840 x 10391098
MDDCG5062,51783 x 840 x 10391169
MDDCH65652146 x 840 x 10391434
MDDCJ801002146 x 840 x 10391434

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